Support the development of nanogallery2

nanogallery2 is completely free to use in Open Source projects.

You can support the maintenance and the development by contributing to the project on Github

If you want to use nanogallery2 in a revenue-generating product : for licensing, technical support or for new features requests.

nanogallery2 licensing

nanogallery2 is licensed under a dual-license model:

a GPLv3 license
For use in non-commercial, personal or open source projects.

and a proprietary commercial license.
For use in commercial projects and applications, in business environments, or in revenue-generating projects. Sponsoring ensures the project that your product relies on stays healthy and actively maintained.

Note: porting nanogallery2 to any software platform just as an extension/plugin/widget is not allowed. Please contact us for this kind of usage.

support is actually not available - we are sorry for the inconvenience