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Quick tips

Lightbox - Remove the bottom toolbar, including the image title

viewerToolbar: { display: false }
HTML markup
"viewerToolbar": { "display": false }

Gallery - single TAP on thumbnails to open the lightbox

touchAnimation: false
HTML markup
"touchAnimation": false

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Latest news

nanogallery2 v2.4.1 [Mar 13, 2019]
NEW support for self hosted videos (mp4)
NEW lightbox - button to rotate images
NEW lightbox - fluid transition from zoomed to unzoomed image when displaying a new image
NEW API shopping cart update event now returns also the concerned item
FIXED new data provider for the new Google Photos API (nanogp2 -
note: Google Photos - videos cannot be played in the lightbox (only download is available)
FIXED #160: IE11: CSS can not be accessed
FIXED #161: IE11: startsWith not defined
FIXED #157: pagination - scroll to top of the gallery in mode pagination
FIXED #155: image transition effect SWIPE
FIXED Fullscreen issue on Chrome
nanogallery2 v2.3.0 [Sep 26, 2018]
NEW new loading spinner with support of gif/png files with transparency
NEW new default lightbox image transition 'swipe2'
NEW optimized thumbnails lazy loading and display animation
FIXED Joomla3/Bootstrap2 Image Zoom In Bug
FIXED deep linking to image when only one album loaded
nanogallery2 v2.2.0 [May 25, 2018]
NEW new option 'eventsDebounceDelay' - thumbnail's lazy display fine tuning (response delay after resizing, rotation and scroll events)
NEW new internal NGY2Item object method 'delete' - deletes the current item
NEW new internal NGY2Item object method 'addToGOM' - adds the current item to the Gallery Object Modell
CHANGED 'thumbnailDisplayOutsideScreen' default value is now 'true'
FIXED issue on callbacks fnGalleryLayoutApplied, fnGalleryObjectModelBuilt, fnGalleryRenderStart (#121), galleryRenderEnd, fnShoppingCartUpdated, fnShoppingCartUpdated
FIXED thumbnails with a Single Quote wont load
FIXED Joomla/Bootstrap icon conflict - changed class in CSS file
FIXED custom theme using colorSchemeViewer not working
FIXED thumbnail effects 'labelSlideUp' and 'labelSlideDown'
FIXED thumbnail effects with CSS 2D/3D transformations
nanogallery2 v2.1.0 [Mar 5, 2018]
NEW API methods 'closeViewer', 'minimizeToolbar', 'maximizeToolbar', 'paginationPreviousPage', 'paginationNextPage', 'paginationGotoPage', 'paginationCountPages'
FIXED lightbox support for empty top-left or top-right toolbar
FIXED single touch to open thumbnail when no hover effect defined
FIXED option 'galleryMosaicL1' renamed to 'galleryL1Mosaic'
FIXED options 'touchAnimation' and 'touchAnimationL1'
nanogallery2 v2.0.0 [Nov 30, 2017]
NEW mosaic layout
NEW video support (Youtube, Vimeo and Dailymotion)
NEW image slider in thumbnail
NEW optimization for cascading layout
NEW new thumbnail alignement option
nanogallery2 v1.5.0 [Sept 7, 2017]
NEW swipe down to close lightbox
NEW thumbnail image dominant color in stacks
NEW thumbnail gradient color during image download
NEW lightbox option 'viewerImageDisplay' to manage image quality
NEW define multiple thumbnails per item
NEW enhanced lightbox image zoom and swipe
nanoPhotosProvider2 v1.1.0 [Aug. 1, 2017]
NEW new option to handle large images
NEW enhanced error management
NEW support Solaris web server
FIXED incorrect thumbnail size returned for grid layout
FIXED smisc minor bugs
nanogp v1.3.0 [Jul. 19, 2017]
NEW better privacy protection
nanogallery2 v1.4.0 [June 11, 2017]
NEW display thumbnail's images smoothly when fully downloaded
NEW gallery display animations
NEW tags support in nanoPhotosProvider2
NEW API functions to search in title and tags
NEW enhanced blurred image display during image download (thumbnails)
NEW enhanced thumbnails display animations
nanoPhotosProvider2 v1.0.0 [June 3, 2017]
NEW possibility to define the maximum image size used for display (full resolution version will be available for download)
NEW blurred image quality configurable
NEW enhanced cache management
NEW enhanced security
NEW tags on photos
nanoPhotosProvider2 v0.9.1 [May 12, 2017]
NEW PHP data provider for self hosted images
NEW generates responsive thumbnails automatically
NEW compatible with all layouts: grid, justified and cascading
NEW extraction of dominant colors (single color and gradient)
nanogallery2 v1.3.0 [May 11, 2017]
NEW Auto hide tools on image view after inactivity
NEW Support of nanoPhotosProvider2
NEW Display blurred image (dominant colors) during thumbnail image load
NEW New thumbnail display transitions
NEW Callback in HTML markup mode
nanogallery2 v1.2.1 [Mar 23, 2017]
FIXED misc bug fixes
nanogallery2 v1.2.0 [Mar 20, 2017]
NEW new thumbnails hover effects
NEW stack motions effects on thumbnails
nanogallery2 v1.1.0 [Mar 6, 2017]
NEW custom tools and buttons on thumbnails
NEW new callbacks and API events
nanogallery2 v1.0.0 [Feb 27, 2017]
NEW new settings
NEW new API options
NEW new callbacks and API events
nanogp v1.1.0 [Feb 20, 2017]
NEW Google Photos data provider
nanogallery2 v0.9.3 [Feb 18, 2017]
NEW improved image zoom
FIXED misc bug fixes
nanogallery2 v0.9.2a [Jan 31, 2017]
NEW support Android stock browser
FIXED misc bug fixes