nanogallery2 is a javascript library for creating beautiful, modern and high quality image galleries.

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Demonstrations and HTML templates: thumbnails hover effects gallery layouts navigation & filtering content source display mode

nanogallery2 is focused on performance and on providing the best experience for user with any device.

Beautiful Image Gallery

Style the layout to suit your personal needs.

Great Photo Display

For great photo display and handy navigation. Fully configurable.

Easy Builder

To generate your galleries without coding. You can also use HTML markup or scripting.


For Developers

If you are a developer, you may use nanogallery2 with javascript.

For Designers

If you are a designer, you'll love to use nanogallery2 just with HTML markup.

For Everyone

nanogallery2 is designed for everyone as the easiest and fastest way to create an image gallery.

Highly customizable and eye-catching effects

nanogallery2 is fully configurable to suit your personal needs.
Create beautiful interactions and hover effects combinations to capture the attention of your visitors. Use a preset or create complex effects very easily.
Natively touch enabled and responsive - unique user experience on all device types.

Focus on building your website, not configuring your tools.

Just apply settings in the builder and see the result directly on screen. No coding. You can then generate HTML templates.
Designers and developers can of course do much more fine tuning by writing their own gallery in HTML. Full detailed documentation is provided.

Content source

Don't change anything on your current photo management. Just point nanogallery2 to your existing content on the web: on your own web server, but also on Flickr and on Google Photos. Gallery customization is done regardless of your content source.

What's new since nanoGALLERY?

nanogallery2 is following the popular nanoGALLERY script.
The display algorithm has been completely rewritten for improved user experience. New features include filter by keywords, shopping cart, social sharing, advanced combinable and chainable hover effects, styling, tools on thumbnails, more button, thumbnail display transitions, info page with google maps location, thumbnail dominant colors...

Open Source

Everyone can look behind the scene and can contribute directly on Github. Pull Requests welcome!

Start now

A demonstration is worth a thousand words:  just have a look at the feature showcase page to discover nanogallery2 .

Latest news

nanoPhotosProvider2     -     v0.9.1 [May 12, 2017]
- PHP data provider for self hosted images
- generates responsive thumbnails automatically
- compatible with all layouts: grid, justified and cascading
- extraction of dominant colors (single color and gradient)

nanogallery2     -     v1.3.0 [May 11, 2017]
- Auto hide tools on image view after inactivity
- Support of nanoPhotosProvider2
- Display blurred image (dominant colors) during thumbnail image load
- New thumbnail display transitions
- Callback in HTML markup mode

nanogallery2     -     v1.2.1 [Mar 23, 2017]
- bug fixes

nanogallery2     -     v1.2.0 [Mar 20, 2017]
- new thumbnails hover effects
- stack motions effects on thumbnails

nanogallery2     -     v1.1.0 [Mar 6, 2017]
- custom tools and buttons on thumbnails
- new callbacks and API events

nanogallery2     -     v1.0.0 [Feb 27, 2017]
- new settings
- new API options
- new callbacks and API events

nanogp     -     v1.1.0 [Feb 20, 2017]
- Google Photos data provider

nanogallery2     -     v0.9.3 [Feb 18, 2017]
- improved image zoom
- bug fixes

nanogallery2     -     v0.9.2a [Jan 31, 2017]
- support Android stock browser
- bug fixes

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The full nanogallery2 ecosystem

nanogallery2 ecosystem

nanogallery2 portable

nanogallery2 is also available in a version without any installation.
With it you can embed your galleries anywhere, e.g. a blog or a website.
It doesn't need much technology or technical know how.

  go to nanogallery2 portable

latest release: nanogallery v1.3.0 -

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Browser support

Firefox 6+ - Chrome 16+ - Edge 13+ - IE 10+ - Opera 12.1+ - Yandex 14.12+ - iPhone 5+ / iOS 6+ - Safari 6.2+
(some features may not be available on every platform).

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nanogallery2 licensing - clear and simple

nanogallery2 is licensed under a dual-license model: a GPLv3 license for non-commercial use and a proprietary commercial license.


Open source license

For personal or open source projects, you may use nanogallery2 for free. In this case, nanogallery2 is licensed under GPLv3 license, which means that your project must also be licensed under GPLv3. If this cannot apply to your project, the purchase of a commercial license is required.

Commercial license

If you run a business and are using nanogallery2 in a revenue-generating product, it makes business sense to sponsor this development: it ensures the project that your product relies on stays healthy and actively maintained.
Note: if you have a nanoGALLERY license, there's no upgrade fee.



Need help using nanogallery2?


Your comments are welcome! Technical questions should be asked on StackOverflow and bugs should be reported on Github


Enjoy using nanogallery2?